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Local Lit

Okay, so, this is normally when I would be promoting my upcoming class, but all programming has been suspended due to COVID-19. So, we're going to talk about our local authors instead.


Kevin Johnson and Ronald Pollworth have got you covered when it comes to all things historical fiction. Ron's books, based on the journals left behind by his great uncle, cover the westward expansion and are heavy on the cowboys. Heartache Along the Cannonball is available here.

Kevin is locally known for this first novel, The Hill. Set in the tuberculosis hospital in the late '40s, this novel may hit too close to home. But, who knows? Maybe try really leaning into the disaster vibe. It might be therapeutic. Or check out his other novel, also set in a hospital. I'm sensing a theme here.


A lot of people in this town are into sharing their personal stories, and we are here for it. First up, Ms. Hazel Lee. She has written a darling little book about growing up in the south. Sweet Tea & Jesus is hopeful, inspirational, and delightful. STJ would make a darling Mother's Day gift, so get on it. Pick it up here.

Greeta Catherine Russell has blessed us with her story I Am Lazarus: the Death that Brought Me to Life. Look, it's sad. But it's also real, raw, and inspiring. And you'll be alone in your house so no one will know you're sobbing your face off.

Missy Ritchie-Nicholas is a writer and public speaker who specializes in bearing her soul in an approachable way. Pick up Letters to Love here.


If you're anything like me, when things get hard, you get weird. I suffer from news overload. So, when the world turns into a dumpster fire, I like to cozy up with a stupid murder mystery. And Lynx & LeRoux deliver just that. Fun, ridiculous, hilarious, and surprisingly heartwarming, Turrible Seasons is what we need during this turrible time.

Plus, I am Smoky Lynx, so I'm partial to the gal.


We're finishing up with Rhoda Lewis and Marcus Woodward, an unlikely pairing. Rhoda is our resident grammarian and children's book author. Her adorable book, On the Road to Grammarville, is not only a dope book about grammar, but it's also a coloring book. Give those littles something to do AND teach them how to use a semi-colon.

Marcus Woodward is a character. To know him is to like him. He's written three books, two with us. All three titles are available here. His short stories in Nomad are particularly wonderful and weird.

If you're looking to keep your business local, and please do, hit up our friends at Bookish. As of right now, they are open with restrictions. Give them a call and see what they have before hitting up Amazon.

If you're in the Greenwood area, don't forget about Rags n' Roses Collective. Joann is graciously offering online shopping and curb side pick up.

Look, it's easy to get caught up in all the panic. This thing is serious, but we all need to take an isolated collective breath. Calm down and, for goodness sake, read a damn book.

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