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New Release Tuesday

It's new release day! This week, we're featuring Stephen King, Harlan Coben, and Charlotte Montague.

First up, King. He has collaborated with his son, Owen, on this one. Sleeping Beauties is, as one would expect, a horror novel. Even the cover scares me a little.

In this story, when women fall asleep, they become cocooned in a gauze-like substance. If left alone, which is all anyone wants while they sleep, the women go off someplace else. If awoken, the cocoon falls away, the women become feral and violent...until you give them coffee. and agree to not speak for the next hour or so. I'm kidding. I don't know if the coffee and silence are true, but it sounds a bit like me when I'm woken up. I don't necessarily dislike mornings, I just don't like anyone to talk to me in the morning.

Anyway, one woman, Evie, is immune. Now the men have to decide if she should be used as a science experiment or murdered. Things aren't looking up for Evie.

I love a good mystery/thriller. Heck, I even love some mediocre ones. I've only read one other Coben, Fool Me Once, and I really enjoyed it. He's kind of the master of the thriller/suspense novel.

Don't Let Go is told from the point of view of Detective Napoleon Dumas. That name is both ridiculous and fantastic. Napoleon's twin brother, Leo, and Leo's girlfriend were murdered. Immediately following the murder, Napoleon's girlfriend left town in a hurry. The murder has, of course, haunted Napoleon for fifteen years. He's tried tracking down his former girlfriend, Maura, hoping she can shed some light on Leo and Diane's murder.

He catches a break when Maura's fingerprints are found in the car of a suspected murder. If this book has as many twists and turns as Fool Me Once, it'll be an enjoyable read that will keep you guessing.

Last but not least, Houdini by Charlotte Montague. I'm not at all familiar with Charlotte Montague and everything I know about Houdini I learned from a podcast. But, he seems to have been an interesting fellow. Jumping off perfectly good bridges into icy water while wearing two sets of handcuffs and escaping from crates that had been nailed shut will automatically make you more interesting. Also, his wife was his lovely assistant, which I think is really cute. I commend any married couples who can work together.

Houdini is based on reports, diaries, supported by photographs and promotional materials, telling the story of the greatest magician and escape artist who has ever lived.

A true showman, Houdini has inspired countless magicians including, I'm sure, Gob Bluth; probably the second best magician who has ever lived.

Whether horror, mystery, or real life is your cup of tea, this week offers a variety of new releases as well as some rereleases. Wonder is being rereleased with a shiny new movie-inspired cover. If you feel like both laughing and crying your face off, Wonder is the book for you. I LOVE that book. Oh, Blade Runner is also out this week. I read it back when it was called Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? as Phillip K. Dick, the author, intended it to be called. It's decent. Science fiction isn't really my preferred genre, but Phillip K. Dick is good way to go. So, stop reading this and go read a book.

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