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Reading in the Time of COVID

Readers, I have a confession to make. I'm having trouble reading. Me. The gal who reads at least seventy books a year. I'm having trouble. I think, with all that's going on in real life, I'm having trouble allowing myself to escape into a fake world.

I did what I do in times of stress. I made a plan. My plan was this, I would try to getting my reading groove back by visiting old favorites. And, readers, it worked.

So, what did I read? And why did I read it?

Here's the list.

Life of Pi, Yann Martel

Pi is one of my favorite books and one of my favorite people. I love him as a little boy, and I love him as a man. He's a wonderful person who I wish I was real.

Pi Patel is a teenager from India who set sail with his family and a few zoo animals for Canada. The ship never makes it. Pi finds himself on a life boat with a wounded zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger. Lookie here, if Pi Patel can survive that, we can make it through this.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling

I have some serious feeling about J.K. Rowling but, despite that, I love the HP series. I always will. So, I revisited my friends at Hogwarts. It was nice to get lost in the world of pumpkin pasties, Quidditch, and, yes, even Voldemort.

Harry faces obstacle after obstacle. He doesn't make it to the end alone. He relies on his friends. He gets by with a little help from his friends. He makes it to book two because of his friends. Look, y'all, I'm a textbook introvert. I didn't think isolating would bother me. Boy, was I wrong. I, like Harry, am getting by because of my friends.

Nothing to See Here, Kevin Wilson

I read this book when the lockdown began. It brought some legit lols. Like, at one point I cried from laughing. I recently revisited Lilian, Madison, and the fire twins. You guys, I laughed until I cried again. I have to tell you, it was nice to cry from laughter for a change.

That's my list. The list that brought me out of my slump. They were all books I'd read before, in the case of Pi and Harry, many, many times. But revisiting those old, familiar friends offered some relief when I couldn't see my own friends.

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