• Ryanne Harper

Richard Horne is the Worst

After weeks of nothing, Richard Horne made a reappearance this week. He murdered someone who witnessed his recent hit and run, in which a child died, called in a favor to a cop buddy to have the witness' statement destroyed, and robbed his grandmother. He's a peach.

Since showing up in an earlier episode, there has been a lot of speculation on the internet regarding his parentage. With the name Horne, I'd already assumed he was Audrey's son. This week, when he robbed Sylvia, that was basically confirmed.

Sherilyn Fenn, the actress who portrayed Audrey Horne in the original, has been cast, but Audrey has yet to make an appearance in the new season. It may be a huge waste of time to theorize Lynch, but my favorite parentage theory is, Richard is the son of Audrey and gross Cooper. I buy it. The family resemblance is uncanny:

Anyway, the theory makes sense. Audrey was crushing pretty hard on Cooper back in the day. I mean, who wasn't? He, being a responsible adult, rejected her in the nicest way possible. Thanks to Doc Hayward, we know Cooper was last seen leaving Audrey's hospital room. She was hospitalized after surviving an explosion at the bank. Doc mentions in passing that she was in a coma, which leads to the conclusion that, the Cooper incident, if it happened at all, was assault. Let's pretend for a moment she'd regained consciousness, it's way more plausible for Audrey to think maybe he'd changed his mind than to assume he'd been replaced by a gross, mean doppelganger. At worst, it was assault; at best, it was trickery. Neither is okay.

Maybe the theories are way off and Richard materialized out of a rock or something; it is Twin Peaks, after all. Whatever the case may be, I just hope we find out soon. Also, where is Audrey? I'm ready for some Audrey.


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