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Summer of Stevie: A Recap

Hey, readers. Once I got out of my reading funk, I went head first into the Summer of Stevie. I don't know why, but the last few summers I have made it my life's work to read as much Stephen King as possible. I love Uncle Stevie and, despite the creepy factor, he feels like a summer time author to me. I don't know if it's the fact that he writes children a lot and they're typically on summer break, or if it's the fact that he scares me and there's just more daylight in the summer. But whatever the reason, I devout King in the summer.

This has been my best summer to date. I've read:

Mr. Mercedes

Finders Keepers

End of Watch

The Colorado Kid

If it Bleeds

The Dark Tower

Dolores Claiborne

Bag of Bones


That's a lot of King, y'all. It all started with the release of If it Bleeds. It came out in April. Because I read the Outsider, my ears perked up when I saw that the title story stared Holly Gibney. I also knew that Holly is one of the stars of the Bill Hodges trilogy, so I kicked the season off with Mr. Mercedes. I plowed through that series like Brady Harfield through a crowd of job seekers.

I switched tracks entirely and went with Colorado Kid next. It's one of King's hardboiled crime books. It was fun. Mostly it made me want to move to Maine so I could talk about the summer people from away and say "ayuh" instead of yes.

I started the Dark Tower series many several years ago and never finished it. I'll be honest, I probably won't finish it this time either.

Because I missed the ayuhs and the talk of people from away, I picked up Dolores Claiborne next. It's a little bit Misery and a whole lotta cool older woman. The way this one is written is unusual for King and super cool.

I love it when King writes about writers. He gets them. Obviously. Bag of Bones is exactly that. And he shouts out Thad Beaumont of Dark Half fame. Dark Half is in my top five favorite Uncle Stevie books, so it was nice to hear Beaumont mentioned. KIng also drops a few hints at a few of his other books. I love it when he does that. Look, I know he created a mutliverse and he does this all the time, but it delights me every time I find a connection. Like, legit delights me.

I ended the Summer of Stevie with Elevation. I'm thrilled I did. It's not a typical King book. Nothing creepy about it. Not one single thing. It's just a nice story about a really nice man who is losing weight at a rapid rate. It's sweet and it will absolutely make you cry.

As summer comes to an end, I'm preparing to put Stephen King aside for a few months and pick up something new. Maybe it's time I finally read the newest John Irving. If there were ever a winter time author, it was Irving.

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