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Tails from the Tiny House

Fiona and Bette

The last couple weeks here at the tiny house have been a mixed bag. On the up side, one of the hens started laying, our new babies arrived safely, and I’ve had plenty of projects to keep me busy and distracted from the fact that I can’t venture into town.

Matilda is terrible at social distancing.

On the downside, Lucy and I are BOTH starting to show our age in ways neither of us are enjoying. Right before the COVID-19 lockdown, I had an appointment with my orthopedic specialist. I’ve had a lot of pain in my back and leg, and occasionally my right foot goes numb. And two weeks ago when my foot was numb, I slipped outside on a wet, moss covered rock and landed on another one—one that didn’t have a nice layer of moss to pad my fall. Now, my back hurts more than ever, my MRI has been canceled indefinitely, and we are just taking it one day at a time around here. There’s been a lot of deep breathing exercises going on in my house lately.

As of yesterday, Lucy is now taking doggy anti-inflammatory meds twice a day when I take the human version. She took a flying leap off the deck instead of using the stairs, and her front legs folded under her when she landed. I think her pride is hurt more than her body—she used to be able to clear a 6-foot fence and yesterday she couldn’t land a 4-foot drop. She’s been getting extra cuddles and attention, and her mood is much better today. She has, however, started using the stairs.

The cutest little feather legged baby ever.

On the very bright side, Spring is in full swing, which means that baby animals are all over the mountain, bulbs, trees, and wildflowers are all blooming, and it’s neither too cold nor too hot for me to spend a lot of time outside. AND, I have 15 new baby chicks to love on! I read a lot of chicken keeping blogs before I ordered the older birds, and they all warned to build a coop that’s twice the size you actually need, because “chicken math” catches up to everyone. And they were right. Did I need more chickens? Absolutely not. But I have plenty of room, watching them is the MOST fun, and I know plenty of people who will appreciate free eggs when I eventually have a surplus.

View from my deck.

The more news I watch, the more it seems like I’ll be here, social-distancing with the animals until summer, at least. I’m pretty lucky, because there are way worse places a person could be stuck. Everyone stay safe, stay sane, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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