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  • Ryanne Harper

The Oxford Comma

Necessary, or no? For me, it's necessary. I've gotten in several arguments, mostly with my husband, about the Oxford comma. Like, I've been late to social engagements because we were discussing the Oxford. I think, for him, it's more about how mad I get defending it than it is about the comma itself. He thinks it's funny that I care that much.

This is how I feel most of the time:

Also, I'd like to point out that the meme should actually say "who" rather than "that". I just love Walter (and John Goodman) too much to not use it.

In case you aren't aware, the Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma, is the final comma in a list of things.


With the Oxford:

"I love my parents, Lady Gaga, and Humpty Dumpty."

Without the Oxford:

"I love my parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty."

To me, without the Oxford, you're saying your parents are Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty. I wish Lady Gaga was my mom. Or at the very least, my really cool aunt. But, she isn't. Serial commas add clarity. That's all. They technically aren't necessary; in fact, most major newspapers and publications don't use them. I agree that sometimes they aren't entirely necessary for clarification, but I'm also a fan of consistency, So, as long as lists of three or more exist, I will continue using the Oxford.

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