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Tipsy has Gone Topsy Turvy

Hi, readers. It's been a minute. Like a lot of small businesses, we've been impacted by COVID-19.

But, the thing about us is, we're good at rolling with the punches and making adjustments as we go along. Some people may call this completely wingin' it. And those people would be correct.

We, like everyone else, are doggy paddling through this uncharted territory, but we're hanging in there. We've just made a few changes.

We no longer have a physical location.

We have moved out of our office in downtown Fort Smith. With in-person meetings suspended, and the other changes I'm getting to, it just didn't make sense to hang on to it. I miss the office. Lynx & LeRoux books came to life in that office. We had a lot of great meetings with clients in that office. The space holds a special place in my heart.

Jessica has taken the reins on most of the day-to-day stuff.

In March, right before the semi-lockdown, I got a phone call from a former employer asking me to come back. I gave it some thought and decided that, with all that was going on, it'd be stupid to not seize the opportunity. So, I am working full time and picking up Tipsy work on the weekends. The majority of the editing is now in Jessica's very capable hands.

I have lost my mind.

On top of the full time job, I have decided to go back to school. Again, it was another opportunity I just couldn't pass up. My days are full of work, my evenings full of school work, my weekends full of Tipsy work, and my mug full of coffee. I have a lot on my plate but, hey, I can always get a larger plate.

We've made some changes to our services.

What we've taken away from this COVID experience is to focus on what matters most. We're scaling back. When we began this Tipsy journey, we had no intention of publishing other authors. It just happened. Then someone asked if we managed social media pages. I'm a yes person, so then that happened. Before we knew it, we were spending all our time and energy on other people's work. So, we're getting back to the basics. We've ditched some of our extra services and we're not taking on any new authors. Instead, we're doing publishing consulting. Check out our site for what that means exactly.

I'm available for workshops and small groups.

Earlier this year, man, it seems like a million years ago, I was suckered into leading a workshop at the library. It was a three part workshop that we didn't get to finish. Rumor has it the final class will be held virtually on September 26th. Check out the library's site to register.

I hope that these workshops are both informative and entertaining. I specialize in infotainment, so I certainly hope the folks attending find them helpful. In prepping and leading these workshops, I learned a few things about myself. I will absolutely fret and over prepare, I wave my arms like a maniac when I have to talk in front of people, and I love leading these classes.

So, if you have a small writers' group, or you're interested in a few tips and tricks on writing, editing, or publishing, hit me up. I'd be happy to work something out.

Readers, I hope you're all doing well and, just like that cat from the '80s posters, hangin' in there.

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