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Twin Peaks: Episode 14

It's 2:00 a.m. My dog is scared of basically everything; he's especially afraid of rain so I'm awake and watching Twin Peaks. Yes, Gordon, it's coffee time.

South Dakota:

Gordon speaks to Truman about the lost pages of Laura P's diary that Hawk recently found. In the diary, she mentions a second Cooper. Truman is confused. Gordon is not. In the next room, Albert and Tammy are discussing the first ever Blue Rose case. In 1975, Gordon and Philip Jeffries go to arrest a murder suspect when they hear a gunshot. They enter the room and find two women, one dying of a gunshot wound who says, "I am the blue rose" and disappears. When they turn to look at the shooter, they see it's the same woman. While awaiting trial for a crime she swears she didn't commit, she hangs herself. Albert asks Tammy what's significant about the blue rose; Tammy replies with, "Blue roses don't occur in nature" leading her to believe this woman also wasn't natural. Tammy, of course, is correct.

When Diane shows up, they tell her about a ring that was found in Major Briggs' stomach inscribed with: To Dougie, with love. Janie E. Diane reveals she has a half sister named Janie who is married to a man named Douglas Jones. WHAT?!?! Gordon immediately calls the Las Vegas office requesting everything they have on Douglas Jones.

While they're waiting, Gordon recounts a dream he had. Dreams? I'd settle for sleep. My dog, by the way, is sleeping soundly. Jerk. See? He's lucky he's so cute.

Anyway, in this dream he meets with a woman who in turn reminds him of the day Phillip Jeffries reappeared in the Philly office. In his memory, Gordon is speaking with Cooper, about a dream, when Jeffries shows up out of nowhere, raises his arm to point at Cooper and says "Who do you think that is there?". First of all, it's a mixture of feelings to see David Bowie. Secondly, I don't remember that scene from Fire Walk With Me so I assume it was cut in final editing. I'm glad they're using some of Phillip's cut scenes and, dare I say, tying all of this together. Plus, we get to see David Bowie.


Twin Peaks:

After sorting out their sandwiches and arresting the cop who has been helping Richard Horne, Hawk, Bobby, Truman, and Andy, following the clues let by Major Briggs, head to jack rabbit's palace. I love that they didn't get the guy a sandwich. Turns out, jack rabbit's palace is a dead tree stump. But it's the Pacific Northwest so it's a really beautiful tree stump. As instructed, they put soil in their pockets and head east. They come across a smoking crater. Oh, and a naked woman whose eyes are sewn shut. So that's creepy. I'm pretty sure she's from the super scary room real Cooper got stuck in while he was leaving the Black Lodge, but I'm not sure. Those early episodes freaked me out so I've blocked them out. At exactly the right time, a vortex opens up in the sky. AND IT TAKES ANDY. I was secretly hoping it would so I'd maybe never have to hear he and Lucy speak to one another again but, now that it did, I'm kind of sad. Andy's in a weird room with the giant, who is apparently the Fireman. He's doing the talking backward thing as well. Andy is watching the world's worst movie. He's seeing flashes from the "Gotta Light" episode. The one I hated so much. As well as Laura P and, my favorite, the girl who runs across the high school campus screaming when she found out LP was dead. And he sees the two Coopers, Lucy, the number 6, and the woman with no eyes. My fear is, Andy won't actually remember most of this. He's sweet, but not the smartest; he should take notes. He comes back and takes the naked woman, saying she's very important and they need to keep her safe. I feel like they should keep her safe regardless of if she's important or not. It is they're job, after all. They lock her in a cell next to bad cop.

James is a security guard. Good to see he's not quit is day job to pursue a singing career. His coworker - Freddy - has super strength, wears a glove he can't take off, and appears to be a member of the X-Men. He's telling James the glove story. One night, back in London, he decided to jump onto a really high stack of boxes, as you do, and was sucked into a vortex. This episode is vortex heavy. Ah, he's met the Fireman who told him where to get a nice gardening glove that will give him power. And also that he'd find his destiny in Twin Peaks. So, here he is. James goes to check the furnaces and of course it's creepy. All furnace rooms are creepy. All of them. I expected something to happen and then it didn't.

Sarah Palmer. This poor woman. She goes to a bar for a change of scenery. It's nice to see her getting out of the house. It's also nice to know The Roadhouse isn't the only bar option. She's attempting to drink alone when some dude in a "Truck You" shirt starts bothering her. She asks him to leave her alone and he tells her she isn't very polite. PSA: women don't have to be polite to you, fellas. We just don't. Sometimes we want to be left alone. I know it can be difficult to tell, but phrases such as "leave me alone" and "I don't want to talk to you" are pretty good indicators. Truck You isn't picking up the hints and now he's calling her rude names. Sarah removes her face to reveal a shadowy thing with giant teeth, puts her face back on and rips this man's throat out. It may seem extreme, but Sarah's had years of stuff just building up and this guy really should have left her alone when she asked him to. Also, I think this proves Sarah is possessed. For a moment, real Sarah surfaces and is freaking out because there's a throatless man lying on the ground. The barman comes to check it out, implies Sarah may have had something to do with it, and possessed Sarah, smirking, says something like "prove it." I love Sarah Palmer.

At the Roadhouse, two women are talking. One of them brings up Billy, Audrey's boyfriend. The other woman, Tina's daughter, says Billy came to her house all bloody and weird, stayed for a moment and took off again. She and her mother decided this wasn't important enough to tell anyone about it.

Band and end credits.

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