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  • Ryanne Harper

Twin Peaks Finale

Well, I don't know what to say. It was bad. I was so excited to see the return of Cooper. But, then it got weird, which is really saying something since Twin Peaks has always been weird.

Basically, everyone has converged at the Twin Peaks' Sheriff's Station. Gross Cooper is talking to Sheriff Truman, Andy is moving the prisoners upstairs, and real Cooper is on the way. Things get tense the Truman's office. Lucy shoots gross Cooper and weird things happen to his body. The ghost guys show up and start digging Bob out of his body. Freddy, who came to Twin Peaks with a gardening glove hoping to fulfill his destiny, punches Bob's bubble and killing him, I guess. Oh, the female prisoner with no eyeballs is actually Diane. Once Bob is gone, she reappears as herself.

So far, not all that confusing or weird. But, then, Cooper consults with teapot Phillip Jeffries. He plans on figuring out this Judy situation and revisiting the night Laura was murdered. So, in true Doctor Who time travelling style, he goes back to the night and changes the outcome. He saves her. Pete doesn't find her body wrapped in plastic, he has a regular old fishing trip.

Now that he's accomplished that, Cooper is on the hunt for Judy. He and Diane go on a strange trip that I don't really understand. They spend the night together in a hotel room, have an odd sex scene where she appears to be trying to remove the skin on his face, and then she leaves before he wakes up. At least she was kind enough to leave a note. It's addressed to Richard and signed Linda, but still. So, Cooper is driving around Odessa, Texas looking for Judy. Judy is a diner. He goes in, orders a cup of coffee, and asked the waitress about the other waitress who works there. There's a scuffle with some fellow diners, but it's not really important at all. Cooper insists on getting the home address of the other waitress; he knocks on the door and Laura Palmer answers. Except she doesn't know she's Laura Palmer. She also doesn't seem to know anything about geography, but I think that's a pretty common problem. Though Cooper hasn't really explained himself, she agrees to go with him because she might be in some trouble. When she fully opens the door and lets him in, I see the problem. There's a dead man sitting in her living room. Nothing at all is said about it.

Cooper drives her back to Twin Peaks. As they drive through town, he keeps asking her if anything looks familiar. No. No it doesn't. It's also super dark outside so it could be that she can't see. Whatever. Cooper takes her to the Palmer house. It is no longer the Palmer house, the woman who lives there has never even heard of the Palmers. After apologizing for bothering her, Cooper leads Laura back to the car. Cooper staggers out to the middle of the street, asks Laura what year it is, and she does her signature scream. We end with Cooper and Laura in the Black Lodge.

I really, really wanted to like the finale. I didn't think everything would be tied up nice and neat, but I had higher expectations for the finale.

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