• Ryanne Harper

Vintage After Dark & Why You Should Come

I'm pretty excited about tomorrow night. First of all, Belle Starr is hosting Vintage After Dark. Like the graphic says, there will be cocktails (hooray!), snacks, sales, and prizes. Beth is giving away gift cards to Simply Couture AND Pie Scout. If you read this blog at all, you know I'm a big fan of Pie Scout. I've had a weird fever since Friday so I didn't go to Easter dinner yesterday, but the coconut pie from Pie Scout I sent with my hubs was a huge hit. And who doesn't love Simply Couture?

I've been to many a parties hosted by Beth so I can tell you, for sure, this will be fun. Also, our office is in her building. Her vendors are out there RIGHT NOW bringing in awesome stuff. So, come check it out. Come on!

I'm also super stoked because the ladies at Bookish are doing a meet and greet. I'm pretty excited to both meet and greet them. When I heard there was a bookstore coming downtown, I did this weird mix of screech/squeal. I love bookstores. All of them. But, I love independent bookstores extra hard. So, if you're downtown tomorrow night (and why wouldn't you be), stop by and say hello. They're located in Brunwick (with no s). It's never had an "s"; stop adding the "s".

Anyway, for a Tuesday, tomorrow is shaping up to be pretty rad.


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